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With our Sprinter Marking units you are able to mark your products cost effectively. The marking units are particularly low-maintenance and allow text to be changed rapidly. The design of the ink cartridge quick exchange system prevents the inks from drying out. The devices can be operated at up to 350 cycles per minute.

Material applications:  

Date/product coding
Dot marking
Logos / symbols
Batch numbers
Part numbers
Shelf lives

Marking materials:   Plastic / metal
Rubber / Paper / Cardboard

Sprinter Marking – marking system

Criteria for machine selection

The graphic shows the sizes of the marking heads of the 9 standard models in terms of the maximum marking area.

Note: Do not use the marking heads shown to select the letter/number size. The above overview illustrates the ideal number of characters per line.

For markings created with number/letter kits, the number of lines as well as the number of characters per line determine the minimum size of the marking head. The letters/numbers have ribs on the back which fit into a ribbed rubber plate. All characters have at least two ribs. The 7 character sizes shown in the overview have 2 ribs. From a character size of 8 mm, at least 3 ribs are used. In such cases, we ask that you contact us to ensure that suitable machine sizes are selected. The most frequently used font sizes are 3 and 3.5 mm tall and provide clearly legible results on many surfaces. The number of possible characters per line depends on the height and width of the character type. The above overview shows approximately the character number for 7 different character heights whereby a distinction is made between averagely wide characters ("8") and wide characters ("W"). If you are uncertain whether all the necessary characters fit in a line, we recommend selecting the next biggest machine model.

Ink cartridges:

A completely full cartridge is sufficient for around 125,000 markings for an average-sized print image with a Model 66. The maximum print number varies with different print images and machine models.

Ink types:

We offer a large selection of ink types for all possible surfaces. A solvent-based standard ink is normally sufficient. These inks dry in 2 seconds or less on almost all materials.

Assembly options

The fastening supports enable the exact and rapid positioning and alignment of marking heads on all surfaces to be marked. A marking unit can therefore be used at different locations and positions. Every marking unit is delivered with a fastening support. The fastening supports enable 5-axis alignment (2 rotating, 3 shifting movements). In addition to exact adjustment and turning options, every support has an adjustment play of 8 mm in the forward/back and left/right range for rapid fixation.

Our information brochure can be downloaded here:
Sprinter Marking